Upcoming Events at Lynn Woods

2018 Annual Meeting - NEW NEW DATE - May 7

The March 2 Nor'easter took out a tree near the Parkhouse and with it the electricity, so the Annual Meeting will be held Monday, May 7, 2018 , at the Park House at 199 Pennybrook Rd in Lynn. If you haven't been there, you go up Pennybrook Rd until you pass the Lynn Woods entry pillars and the house is on the left of the parking lot.

Delicious home cooked soups and bread and dessert are served, and Dan Small, the Lynn Woods Ranger, presents a slide show of highlights from the last year. I'm guessing we'll see some from the recent storms and learn about the status of the Conservation Easement. Dan usually has great slides of various animal life in the woods too.

There is also a short (around 15 minutes) business meeting to elect officers.

So come and enjoy!

EarthFest 2018

The eighteenth annual Earth Fest at Lynn Woods will be held on Saturday, April 28th at the Pennybrook Road parking lot. Coffee will be served beginning at 8:30. A spring cleaning of the park will run from 9 until noon followed by pizza, live music and an informative snake presentation. This is a family friendly event. Afterwards maybe join us for the Boston City Nature Challenge.

Boston City Nature Challenge

April 28 (Saturday after EarthFest) from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM we will be taking pictures of as many different types of animals, insects, plants, and fungi as we can find. City Nature Challenge is organizing this effort to document biodiversity around Boston. A cell phone camera is fine but optional, and no special knowledge required. Meet at the Penny Brook Entrance. Rain date is Sunday, April 29 same time and location. This is a family friendly event. More info here.

Conservation Easement Update

At a Friends of Lynn Woods Board meeting recently, the Board of Directors reviewed a proposed "parcel exchange" from Kelly Automotive Group. Kelly has a dealership on Route 1 and would like to expand the dealership along that highway.

After a careful review, the Board felt that the proposed swap was not in the best interests of the Woods or the public and sent a letter so stating to Mayor Flanagan Kennedy. The Mayor has said that the Friend's approval would be needed for any such swap.

Otherwise nothing much has happened on the Easement. Now that fall has arrived it should start moving along again.